• Top 5 Alien Myths Debunked

    Top 5 Alien Myths Debunked

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Alien X Files is all about finding the truth so here are the top 5 alien myths debunked. In order to get to the real mysteries of life, we need to rule out the unexplained things that have explanations. Hopefully […]

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  • Top 5 Most Famous Sea and Lake Monsters

    Top 5 Most Famous Sea and Lake Monsters

    The top 5 most famous sea and lake monsters reported from folk tales, sightings and legends. Aquatic monster are probably the most believable crypto monsters out there.  For starters they had a great hiding spot in the ocean when the […]

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  • Top 5 Ghost Ships

    Top 5 Ghost Ships

    Here are the Alien X Files top 5 Ghost ships. Imagine sailing in the ocean, miles and miles away from land. Days away from any rescue when suddenly a broken down, sail torn ghastly looking ship bumps into your stern. […]

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