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New York – Worldwide UFO Sightings UFO Paranormal News – New York UFO is the largest source of quality UFO Sightings and UFO Paranormal News.. Really great site for all things UFO!

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Latest Ufo – The Latest UFO Sightings, Pictures, Videos and more. 

Paranormal Underground Paranormal Underground – Paranormal Investigations Online and print-on-demand magazine dedicated to the reporting of paranormal phenomena. Awesome Investigation stories!

UFOs-over-phoenixUFO’s Over Phoenix –  UFO Hunter – Jeff Willes Phoenix Arizona’s First and Arizona’s original UFO hunter

Paranormal-StoriesParanormal World Stories – Paranormal Stories – Ghost Stories: Sharing ghost stories, paranormal activity, real, true, and scary legends at

World-UFO-PhotosWorld UFO Photos – UFO Photos – Over 2,800 of the best UFO photos in the world.

UFOSNWUFO’s Northwest – UFO Investigators –  Team of investigators dedicated to studying the UFO phenomenon.

Nick-Pope.netNick Pope – TV Personality –  Recognised as one of the world’s leading experts on UFOs, the unexplained and conspiracy theories.