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Asteroid extinction theory supported by ‘last dinosaur’ find

Fossil Hunters have recently unearthed a dinosaur fossil that supports the theory that dinosaurs were wiped out by a giant asteroid.

dinsaurs extinct by asteroids

The proof is in the age location of the sediment where they found the “last Dinosaurs” remains. The last dinosaur’s alive after the mass extinction are believed to be the 3 horned beast called Triceratops. This  should come as no surprise given the armor and look of this bad-ass dino-tank. If you’ve ever seen a picture of a Triceratops then you know this guy is a beast that could survive a giant falling pebble. If you don’t know what one looks like go rent the children’s classic “The Land Before Time”.

Triceratops last dinosaur

The discovery undermines a theory that gained ground in the 1980s,  which claims that land-dwelling dinosaurs died out long before an asteroid slammed into the planet to produce what is known as the Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. One explanation claims the dinosaurs were killed off by climate change or a change in sea level.

The theory carried some weight until now, because no fossils had been found within three meters of the K-T boundary, the geological line in sedimentary rock that signifies the impact of the asteroid. The latest fossil was discovered a mere 13cm below that line.

“This demonstrates that dinosaurs did not go extinct prior to the impact and that at least some dinosaurs were doing very well right up until we had the impact,” Lyson told the Guardian. The study appears in the journal Biology letters

Source: Ian Sample Site: Image:

Fossil of triceratops

The real news here is that the whole asteroid theory is still a theory and needs supporting. Does anyone really question that asteroids wiped out the dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period? How else do you kill  millions of 10 ton beast that can fly, swim, are covered in scales, feathers, live under ground etc. That is a huge variety of evolutionary survival armor.

Starvation is the only answer. Those who survived the asteroid blast would have starved to death as the food supplied dwindle during the big freeze. Why do you think the wooly mammoth looks so intact after all these years? Who’s got the best chance of surviving an ice covered planet – the one with the fur coat who lives in an igloo. For him, life after the asteroid was just a typical Tuesday. The only reason he died out was because the circle of life caught up to him. The food supply of his food supply was affected by the cold. By the way if you don’t know what a wooly mammoth looks like then go rent “Ice Age”. If I’ve learned anything during this article it’s that children’s movies will teach you everything you need to know about dinosaurs.


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  3. Paleontology is in fact the discovering and uncovering of modern day animals. They find bones of an elephant that died in a funny position then they assume it’s an entirely new creature?

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  6. Hi there! WHy doesn’t anyone think that dinosaurs just never existed>? All we have found is a few piles of bones and we assume there’s a race of giant lizards?

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    If you’ve ever been to the Grand Canyon you would know that it had to be made by an asteroid impact. This is why a majority of the dinosaur fossils are found in North America.