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Small white USO orb chases boat of the coast of Sweden

Video footage of a small round object chasing a boat in the ocean at high speeds.

Do we not speak French here at Alien X Files? OUI.  Or maybe it’s Sweedish in the video below captured and submitted by Giavedoni Eric. The video called “UFO? Submarine? Unusual object off the coast of Sweden” was posted on youtube September 17 and has already captured national interest. For those of you at work that can’t watch the video it shows a boat cruising at high speeds with a small round ball following behind. It is clearly not being dragged behind the boat as it goes side to side and changes speed and direction independently. Is it a USO (unidentified submerged object) tracking this boat or is it  just a buoy as some claim being dragged by a fish? Whatever it is it has also caught the attention of the military who are not ruling out the possibility of it being dragged by a submarine.

Armed Forces: “Could be a submarine.”  Jan Thomquist, Navy tactical commander. 

“We take the material seriously.  One cannot exclude that a submarine is involved,” says Jan Thomquist, Navy tactical commander.  Sailing Friends observations from Maseskar have reached the Armed Forces. 

“It’s too early to say what this is.  The reason could be the strong currents, but really, I would not give any more comments until we have completed the analysis,” he says.  Excludes no . . . If a submarine can be involved he would not rule [it] out. 

“I have no reason to do so.  The analysis will show.  We estimate that we have received this report and we will take it very seriously.”

If it is a submarine that is equally amazing and scary. What is a sub doing right of the coast of Sweden? Is Ghadafi  planning an assault on the swedes to mine their only natural resource? Yes I mean meatballs. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO: What do you think?

Source: Examiner.com