UFO Sightings

Newton Road Bridge Encounter

Newton Road Bridge Encounter I was on my way to work and it was about 5:45 AM in the morning and it was pitch black except for the light from the lamp posts that lit up the pavement and the road. I was walking along Newton road heading towards Kingston […]

Airforce F-102’s Chase UFO over Oregon

9-24-59 PORTLAND OREGON Just before dawn, police officer Robert Dickerson was cruising the city streets in his patrol car when he noticed a bright falling object like a meteor. But instead of “burning out,” the object took on a larger, ball-like appearance, stopped abruptly, and hovered about 200 feet above […]

Fighter pilot meets triangle in Georgia skies

1-28-53 ALBANY GEORGIA This is from Chapter 17 of Ruppelt’s “The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects”. Ruppelt writes: It was just a few minutes before midnight on January 28, 1953, when a message flashed into Wright-Patterson for Project Blue Book. It was sent “Operational Immediate,” so it had priority handling; […]

US Navy ship encounters UFO near Cape Hatteras

SUMMER OF 1986 While in the US Navy in the summer of 1986, I was standing lookout aboard the USS Edenton ATS 1 (currently decommissioned). The lookout watch, stood outside on top the bridge of the ship, and was responsible for reporting all contacts seen both in the water and […]

Pilot engages UFO over Mississippi

4-13-13 PICAYUNE MISSISSIPPI At approximately 1530 CDT on April 13, 2013, I was piloting my airplane at 2,500 while approaching the Picayune, MS VOR, heading North. Nearing the VOR, I glanced out of my right window and saw a small (approx. 10-12″ wide), shiny metallic object just off the right […]

Chevron shaped alien craft over Michigian

7-17-12 MACKINAW CITY MICHIGAN My girlfriend and I, we were about to fall asleep in Huron Apartments in Mackinaw City some two weeks after the fourth of July. I made a call to the MUFON network the day after this event and was told this was probably some type of […]