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Top 5 Alien Myths Debunked


Alien X Files is all about finding the truth so here are the top 5 alien myths debunked.

In order to get to the real mysteries of life, we need to rule out the unexplained things that have explanations. Hopefully it will bring us all a little closer to finding something amazing and genuine. So here’s the top 5 alien myths debunked:

Cattle Mutilation:

The Myth – Aliens perform experiments and operations on cattle and live stock. Most possible reason is to learn about the anatomy of earth creatures with abducting more humans. Or perhaps they are just cruel Peta hating butchers. Our theory is the most reasonable – Milk is  their drug, it’s like heroin to aliens. maybe not.
The Truth – Cattle dies all the time of natural or viral causes. Often the condition they are kept in doesn’t give them the best chance of survival. When they die there carcasses are ravaged by scavengers such as hyena’s, birds and bugs. The end result is farmer Joe wakes up to a bloody mangled cow corpse and assumes it was aliens. Sometimes they like to blame the chupacabra too.

The Face on Mars:Face on mars

The Myth – Photographs taken by NASA show faces in the surface of Mars. By their calculations the faces are large which means a race of giants once lived on the surface of the moon. The photos were straight from NASA and not doctored at all.

The Truth – Cheap cameras were the culprit. The images taken by the Viking 1 Orbiter in 1976 were much lower resolution shots than the ones take more recently. The Mars Global Surveyor in 1998 took much clearer pictures which showed the faces to just be rocks with funny shaded areas created by erosion. Besides everyone knows the Martians live inside the planet!

Crop Circles:Crop circles

The Myth – Aliens are creating intricate patterns in corn fields as either a signal to each other or a sign to the human race. Is it an encrypted message warning us of something? Or is it war-time Morse code from one alien group to another?

The Truth – Plain and simple hoax by some bored hippy groups. Since hitting mainstream, crop circle creators have come forward explain and demonstrating how they design and create the patterns. They even revealed the high-tech, advanced tool they use, a piece of rope tied to a wooden plank.

The Alien Autopsy Film:

The Myth – In 1995 a black and white film hit the public showing official military men operating on a dead alien. The footage was believed to be from Area 51 and the aliens were the recovered bodies from the crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

The Truth – Sadly another hoax. First it was debunked by professionals in the film special effects world who found many inaccuracies. Many people rejecting this idea instead wanting badly to believe it was real. Most recently the creator of the film has come forward and admitted it was a hoax. I’m sure the believers will assume this is another ploy by the government to cover-up the truth. A little misdirection. hmm.

Flying Saucers:

The Myth – UFO’s are shaped like saucers. On June 24, 1947 a pilot named Kenneth Arnold claimed he saw 9 flying saucers near Mt. Rainier. Since thing there have been untold amounts of Saucer shaped UFO sightings.

The Truth – The idea of UFO’s being shaped liked saucers is the result of a single reporters error. When he interviewed Mr. Arnold he was told that the ships flew erratic like a saucer skipping over the water. The reporter mistook his impression and thought he meant they were shaped like saucers. In fact Mr. Arnold told the reporter that the UFO’s were crescent-shaped. He even drew a picture. That’s some top notch, history altering reporting.

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  1. How did the myth of extraterrestrials even started?

  2. Videos Consisting of Alien Spacecrafts,etc.,have been all deleted on facebook due to Government “Issues”.

  3. sha eyou know whehh

    Not myth, real. Real phenomenon. What a waste. All debunking efforts are when the truth speaks louder,

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  5. what about ufo at jerusalem….. and ancient places like egypt having carvings which are impossible to do with hands or using ancient tools….what about astronaut drawings and alien faces… not only egypt there are certain more places…. u can check this at youtube and search ancient aliens…

  6. Aliens aren’t real! UFO’s aren’t real! Yes, i work for the government… and we have nothing to disclose. tee hee 🙂

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  8. Sundrop Anne

    Mt. Shasta is crazy! I have ready plenty about it and a hidden city.

  9. Laurie Han

    You think that’s bad, check out Mt. Shasta. I’m not so sure i agree on the face on mars issue.

  10. Semper Fi Freddy

    Whoa flash mob bob, I’m assuming you’re joking. Area 51 is the biggest COVERUP of all time, not a hoax. I don’t believe the alien autopsy though, def fake.

  11. Flash Bob

    Don’t forget Area 51. That’s the biggest alien related hoax of all time which doesn’t exist right? Wink Wink.