The most authentic compilation of UFOs caught on tape by NASA cameras.

nasa caught ufos on tapeThese are not doctored videos submitted as a hoax. This is actual footage captured and released by NASA courtesy of the space shuttles cameras. If your on the fence about UFOs this should push you over to our side. It’s spooky how much activity is going on right above our heads and this is just in a few video clips! Some of the objects could be ruled out as comets, or debris falling from the ship but most of them are just unexplainable. Several clips show the ‘objects’ changing speed, direction and even shape. One clip even shows a ship heading toward earth until a missile shaped object (probably a missile) shoots toward the ship causing the UFO to change course and speed away.  This is one of the best compilations we at the Alien X Files mother-ship have ever seen. And the NASA seal of approval makes it that much more legit. Let us know what you think: Comets, Debris or the real deal genuine UFO.

Source: Youtube Image: NASA