Alien Encounters

Alien abduction may have led to serious illness

 I  saw a large triangle in the sky nearly overhead, it didn’t appear to be moving


alien and reflectionsI driving toward the shore on the north-south highway in New Jersey, approaching the Atlantic City expressway.  I  saw a large triangle in the sky nearly overhead, it didn’t appear to be moving, as I got nearly under it (though it was a little over to my left) I pulled over to see if I could identify it and take note of details.  I was curious since it didn’t appear to be moving and I’d never seen anything like it. How was it staying up there ? It was a triangle.  It was large and there were 3 lights on the bottom of the craft at the corners, shining downwards. The  lights were constant and didn’t change.  I lowered my window to listen but there was no sound and the craft didn’t move.  After maybe what seemed like 5 minutes I decided it was probably associated with the Air Force base in New Jersey and I pulled back on the highway and proceeded to the shore house in Ocean City. I have no idea how long it ‘hovered’ there after I drove away.  When I got home my husband asked me what I had been doing that I was an hour late.  I had called him right before I left Philadelphia, so I guess I ‘lost’ approx an hour of time.  I recently saw a couple of ufo programs on tv where picture of large triangles like the one I saw were shown and the one I saw was identical.  In the 90’s I began to have trouble with my muscles and eventually participated in a study at Univ of Rochester where my ck levels were again seen as elevated.  The info I got at the time was people like ‘me’ were being included in a study which was originally designed solely for myotonic dystrophy.  I apparently have a ‘new’ kind of muscular dystrophy and so do others in my family.  Since that time a gene has been found for some people in the study in ‘my category’, though no gene has been found for mine that I know of, to date. It was the show I saw on elevated ck levels that prompted me to make this contact with the account of what I saw.  NOTE:  The above image is a rendering.

This case is under investigation by Ed Dobson of MUFON New Jersey.