UFO Sightings

Close Encounter in Indiana

Indiana Resident spots reflective dome mirroring the color of the night sky


I drove a Ford cargo van for an overnite delivery company in Indianapolis in 2006. My route had 50 stops and I drove the same route each night travelling about 400 miles each evening. As I was heading west from US 31 to the town of Culver on a two lane country road around 1:00 am when I came over the top of a hill and down the hill I witnessed something out of the ordinary. What was normally a farm field pasture littered with some implements and a few head of cattle, now appeared to have the orange glow of a campfire. I thought to myself, that is kind of unusual because it was quite some distance from any residence. As I approached the area, I rolled down the window of the van and stopped to see if this was a campfire or perhaps an accidental fire. My eye level was about the top of the wire fence and the weeds that had grown up along the fencerow. What I witnessed about twenty feet away gave me chills and caused me a great deal of anxiety. What I saw was a highly reflective dome just over the top of the weeds about 20′-35’in diameter reflecting the color of the night sky with just the faintest sliver of an outline that defined its shape. But the weirdest thing about it was, it was mimicking a fire, soft orange and reddish undulations were reflecting off its surface but even stranger were the spark embers that normally float off a fire, they were recreated in a pixel type format, very quick dashes of light that floated in a zigzag geometric pattern making sharp right angles in a multi-sized square track across the surface of the dome. The light even dimmed as to copy an ember burning out. It was semi-convincing in reproducing a campfire but it was not natural. When I saw that it scared me and I immediately drove off. I was so close to it that I thought if lingered there any longer who knows what might happen.

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