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Evolution is a Cycle | Apes Evolved from Man

Evolution is a cycle

Theory that cavemen and apes evolved from mankind.

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I am a spiritual person who believes in evolution. Go ahead I’ll give you a minute to ponder that potential oxymoron. Belief in where mankind came from is way more complicated than just two options: creationism or evolution. Whenever you hear two sides to a story you know the truth is always somewhere in the middle. That’s where my belief lies, somewhere in the muddy gray area. Evolution explains the how but not the why, that’s where god and religion comes in. Not sure if I made that quote up or read it somewhere, maybe Chicken Soup for the Soul?

So, we are here for a reason, because some higher power created us and evolution was his tool. This article is not about the why, it’s about the how; Evolution and how it’s a cycle and not linear. The theory of evolution is that things constantly adapt and change to survive in their environment. If an area starts to go cold, the local creatures start to grow fur. If the world became flooded we would all start to grow gills ( see Waterworld: just for a reference, don’t watch the movie!).  The world also evolves and goes through stages in it’s live. Scientist believe the earth goes through a cycle of becoming very hot, then freezing over, then hot, then cold and so on. It’s an environmental shift that’s constantly repeating itself. Whats to say the evolution of species isn’t evolving in pace with the cycles of the earth? Maybe we started out as intelligent being like we are now and evolved into neanderthals and apes to survive the increasingly harsh environments. Maybe we have had several advanced civilizations that have died out do to the changing earth and have been lost over millions of years as the cycle repeats. Lets go through a scenario:

Advanced Race:

Mankind is an advanced race who reaches the peak of its civilization. Our technology cannot grow any further with the resources and materials we have on our planet.

Heat Cycle:

Heat Cycle

Reptiles-become-dinosaursThe earth begins to change and becomes hotter and hotter causing the lands to become unlivable. Mankind decides to leave the planet in search of a more hospitable world to live in. Not everyone can go and billions are left behind to survive. As the world heats up reptiles and cold blooded creatures begin to flourish. They grow in population as one of the only creatures able to live anywhere in the new hot world. Waters begin to evaporate and plant life is scarce. The animal kingdom becomes more savage as the food source diminishes and competition is high. Reptiles and animals begin to grow in size as an evolutionary response to survival. Mankind in turn, begins to grow bigger, more savage in response to the new threats of the world. Survival becomes more about muscle and less about intelligence, only the strong survive. As the weak are picked of from each species the remaining strong breed and create newer and bigger creatures each generation. Eventually they reach incredible sizes and reptiles become what we would consider dinosaurs.

Cavemen and Apes:

CavemenApe-EvolutionAs man continues to struggle to survive, they become even bigger and stronger eventually resembling what we consider to be neanderthals or cavemen. Technology has disappeared by now and mankind has become  basic scavengers and hunters. Some hide in caves and hunt by day, while others avoid the new threats by hiding in trees. Over millions of years the hunters become large, small brained warriors and the tree dwellers become agile, tree gliding beings. The caveman grow large muscles and thick skulls for surviving clashes with prey and predators. The tree dwellers grow longer arms and and other traits suitable for navigation tree lines. Eventually these beings evolve into what we would call apes; nothing more than humans, shaped into their new look by millions of years of necessity.

Ice Age:Ice-Age

The earth begins to cool down as it enters it’s next cycle: the Ice Age. The big freeze covers the world with snow, frozen waters and freezing temperatures. Dinosaurs, the biggest threat to mankind, begin to die off in the chill due to starvation and their need for warmth. The ape, living out in the open, begin to grow hair in response to the dropping temperature. The cavemen reintroduce fire to stay warm. They had abandoned fire before as it attracted to much attention from predators. With the predators gone and the temperatures dropping, fire becomes the survival tool and lodestone to their intelligence evolution. With the threat of dinosaurs gone and the tool of fire at their disposal the need for strength diminishes and is replaced by intelligence. The human brain begins to evolve again as the weak minded die out and the intelligent survive to breed. With fire and intelligence they survive the big freeze as the earth thaws and goes through it’s most habitable cycle for mankind.

Baby Porridge:

Between the Heat Cycle and the Ice Age is a cycle ideal for human survival. All the large predators have died out and intelligence once again rules the world. Mankind evolves eventually creating weapons which make them the dominate predators. Caves become houses, houses become villages and so on. Mankind evolves back into the modern day people we are; completely oblivious of  what has happened no matter how many cave drawings we left ourselves.

Caveman_computerThe Cycle Repeats: We have seen evidence of  advanced civilizations in the past. Cave drawings show flying saucers and great cities. Archeologist have even unearthed computers from unknown years ago. What is Atlantis and Lemuria? We talk about leaving the earth one day if it becomes unlivable so what’s to say we haven’t done it already and we are just the byproduct of what was left behind. Evolution is a powerful thing that takes millions of years and leaves very little clues. We will probably never know what happened and just keep making up theories.  Maybe this time around we’ll leave ourselves better notes so we know what happened. If only cavemen had Wikipedia.


  1. On first reading this, my first reaction was that you were –wrong. Then, on further consideration of our current group of politicians, I can see reverse evolution has already begun.

  2. I originally thought you were…wrong, but then i started looking at our current crop of politicians. Reverse evolution may have already started.

  3. Real nice theory. Makes since and it is getting hot out. Better learn how to climb trees or at least store a few Zippos.

    • I do7&28#1n;t have any children, but if I did – and if there were camps like this in the UK (there might be a few, but it’s not a tradition here like it is in America, to send your kids away in the summer or whenever) – I probably would let them go. To my mind, the more natural the activities the better these days with kids so glued to the internet and online games.

  4. But what happens next time around?