German court orders Parliament to release UFO reports

German UFO files The document also contains information as to whether or not the German government conducted official UFO investigations during the Cold War…

 A German citizen has won his first battle in an effort to view a UFO report created by the Scientific Service of the German Parliament (aka Bundestag). After attempts by the Bundestag to block the document’s release, the Berlin Administrative Court has ruled that the German citizen has the right to read the document as requested. The Bundestag is appealing the decision, sending it to the Supreme Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg for a final decision. Germany has claimed that they have never officially investigated the UFO phenomenon.  However, other European nations, such as Britain and France, have not only held official investigations, they have released thousands of previously classified documents. This is what has inspired German citizen Frank Reitemeyer in his quest to seek out Germany’s X-Files. He told the Berlin court:

 I want to know facts and it bothers me that in France, England, USA, Canada, the citizens can see the UFO files, and I am not informed as a German from my German government. It is therefore such a glaring discrepancy…In France, a citizen is automatically informed by his government because the government provides the UFO files to the website of the space agency, so officially on the government side, anyone can view the documents free at home.

bundestag_(german_parliament)The document in question is titled, The search for extraterrestrial life and the implementation of UN Resolution A/33/426 on the observation of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life forms. Reitemeyer knew of its existence due to the efforts of a UFO disclosure organization called Exopolitics Germany. President of the organization, Robert Fleicher, says a draft of the document was discovered in 2009. A freelance journalist, Lower Saxony, had contacted Fleicher asking him for some convincing evidence for UFOs that he could show a member of the Bundestag, Gitta Connemann, who he was about to interview. Fleicher sent them Exopolitics’ usual UFO briefing documents along with other files. Saxony said that Connemann was very impressed and promised to look into the issue further. A few weeks later she forwarded the UN report to Saxony, who then sent it to Fleicher. Fleischer shared the document with the media, and excerpts were printed in the German newspaper, Welt Kompakt. The document reviews materials that Germany had sent the UN in response to a UFO resolution passed in 1978 intended to create an “agency or a department of the United Nations for undertaking, coordinating and disseminating the results of research into unidentified flying objects and related phenomena.” The initiative was sponsored by the Prime Minister of Grenada, Sir Eric Gairy. Huffington Post reporter, Lee Speigel, aided Gairy in his effort by arranging audio visual UFO evidence for the presentation to the United Nations. Although the resolution passed, few countries chose to participate.

 The document also contains information as to whether or not the German government conducted official UFO investigations during the Cold War. Andreas Schutz of the German Center for Aeronautics and Astronautics told Weltz Online that he has never heard of the German government investigating UFOs in relation to aliens, but says it is plausible that they did take reports on unidentified aircraft during the cold war. However, Munich physics professor Herald Lech replied: “I am convinced that German ministry officials have never dealt with UFOs. For now the decision lies with the Supreme Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg. The Bundestag claims that Germany’s freedom of information laws do not pertain to their office of Scientific Service and that their copyright laws allow them to keep the documents private. Although the Berlin Administrative Court disagreed, no one is certain whether the Supreme Administrative Court will uphold that decision.

 Thanks to the Huffington Post and researcher Steve Budner.



  1. Did the governments concerned come to the conclusion, at any point in time, that we were being visited by aliens? Indeed, some of them reached that conclusion! Particularly, the french government commissioned the COMETA Report on the topic of UFOs and what to do about it. It’s available online …

  2. This article makes the pertinent point that other governments, including that of Britain and France, have released their official documentation regarding their investigations into the U.F.O. phenomenon, which leaves one wondering about the findings, and possible conclusions and/or implications, stemming from those findings.

    Did the governments concerned come to the conclusion, at any point in time, that we were being visited by aliens? To my knowledge they did not reach that conclusion, and yet the way this particular story is presented would (strongly) suggest that they did, and that the German government still has something to hide.

    Why, after decades since the presumed crash of an alien spaceship in New Mexico in 1947, are people still desperately trying to find evidence of visitation, in spite of the rash of U.F.O. reports that constantly crop up (pardon the pun), the abductee reports, fuzzy photos…? My point is that nothing truly incontrovertible, inexplicable and solid has turned up yet, and always the excuse is made that ‘the Government’ is hiding the evidence.

    If ‘the Government’ really did attempt to hide the fact that the Earth was being visited by aliens, they would not be able to do so for any appreciable length of time due to the fact that such visitations would have an effect upon the societies of Earth greater than that which befell the Aztec and Inca civilisations when they were visited by the conquistadors. In other words, it would be immediate, apparent, overt, and would forever have changed all our lives beyond comprehension. Instead, all we seem to hear about are stories told by hicks driving their pick-up trucks along lonely roads, when they see a light, they are beamed aboard, sliced with scalpels (not even laser ones!), implanted with chips, and then unceremoniously dumped. That’s really lame. Seriously.