Hydrogen bomb lost by Air Force is recovered by a UFO

 Alien Hydrogen bomb

B-47 bomber carrying it collided in midair with an F-86 fighter plane. To prevent a detonation in the event of a crash and to save the aircrew, the bomb was jettisoned.


 We were sitting outside our condo in Tybee Island in a residential complex (not beach front). My husband and I walked towards the street to investigate 3 police cars making a traffic stop. It was loud and we heard their radios. We saw their flashing blue lights through the trees. Since nothing really happens here, it is a relatively quiet community (especially during the winter) we wanted to see what the commotion was about. So it was nothing but police being bored making a stop. We turned around and started walking past back to our condo at the end of the complex. We caught the sky because it was so bright and pretty.

I always am attracted to Orion. So that is what I always find myself looking at and I asked my husband to look up at how pretty it was here (we just moved!) So we were looking up at the pretty stars and I was looking at Orions belt as usual and two very dark fast greyish black objects barely visible in the shape of a boomerang caught our eyes. The first one flew to the south very fast, then I asked him if he saw what I did. Then another craft appeared and darted in a criss cross pattern and gave off an off white glow and disappeared. We thought they may have been bats (a ufo isn’t the first thing we wanted to settle on as an explanation) but there was no flapping and they were too high up and too big to be a bat and bats don’t reflect light like that and disappear into nothing (since it was a clear sky). It was very beautiful. And almost unnoticeable. I’m glad we saw it! I’ve never seen anything like this before.




  2. As soon as I read these words, ‘To prevent a detonation in the event of a crash…’, I stopped reading, for I already knew this story is/was a hoax.

    Nuclear/Thermonuclear weapons cannot be detonated by heat, shock, or any other extreme condition that may be experienced by them in an air crash, and it is not because they have safety features specifically designed to prevent detonation (although they do have safety features to prevent unauthorised tampering), but because they simply do not work the way Hollywood seems to think they do (like TNT!).

    The electrical signal that initiates the detonation of the fission primary, via the uniform compression of that primary by the conventional explosives surrounding it, requires very precise timing and co-ordination, the compression of the core being, of necessity, perfectly uniform and precise. In the case of thermonuclear weapons (as opposed to the simple fission designs) the compression of the primary then releases X-rays which, in their turn, compress the (fusion) secondary stage. If the proper compression of the primary is not achieved, your bomb will fizzle or, just as likely, not work at all. In other words, you could hit the thing with a hammer, or take a blowtorch to it, but these actions would not cause a detonation.

    I really do wish people would do a little more research before fabricating stories like this.

  3. I dont remember when but did you hear about one of usa satalites crashed into the moon and the moon rang like a bell for hours! Therfore they say the moon is hallow.! Could we be like the little ant gardens sold in stores, and the aliens are using the moon to watch us. I think aliens are our race only smarter and they started back in the ice age. Could they b devloped humans, waiting for us to catch up and know what they already do? Like you letting that ant hill grow and then when your done watching and learning you just let it go… Something to think about

    • Yes, I recall a story like this from where and when I do not remember. It is a strange coincidence(?) that during a solar eclipse the moon fits perfectly over the disc of the sun, and that this allowed the bending of light due to the effects of gravity to be observed for the first time, thus confirming one of the central predictions of general relativity.

      But I digress. If the moon is inhabited by aliens, then what are they doing there? If they are observing us like ants, then are we just some experiment of theirs? Pure speculation, of course, and for this reason such ideas should not be taken too seriously until there is actual evidence in their favour, otherwise one is liable to believe that almost anything is possible.