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Hypersonic Military Aircraft Crashes into Pacific

DARPA Hypersonic Military Aircraft Crashes into Pacific Ocean…Again.

darpa-hypersonic-gliderAn unnamed hypersonic glider (let’s just call it the new tomahawk missile) was recently developed and launched by DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The military and NASA have joined together to develop the hypersonic technology which is capable of flying at speeds of Mach 5 or greater. Apparently Supersonic wasn’t fast enough for the government so they had to move up to hypersonic. Next is obviously Ludicrous Speed – top secret project name “Spaceballs”.
The DARPA Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle (HTV)-2 is a prototype that launches on a rocket, reaches suborbital space and then re-enters Earth’s atmosphere at speeds of about Mach 20. The vehicle is part of DARPA’s Global Strike test program to check technologies for a global bomber.  The object is shaped like an arrowhead (or missile tip), and is part of a U.S. military agenda to develop technology that can respond to threats at mach 20. This means it would be able to  reach any part of the globe in an hour.

falcon-htv2-flight-overviewSo they’re intentions for this new technology are strictly for defensive measures only. It’s built in response to missiles becoming faster and longer ranging. This way if someone launches a missile at our country we can launch a faster missile at that missile to cut it off before it reaches it target. Missile on Missile crime! Only problem is we’ve been broadcasting the development of this technology all over the world on Twitter so the everyone knows we have it. Anyone think the military is terrible at poker? It’s called tipping your cards, and maybe this technology should’ve been a secret. For all the information we want to government to broadcast, they pick this one; alerting the potential attackers that we’re bringing a gun to a knife fight. Now our enemies know what to expect and can properly prepare if they want to launch a missile. That’s so old fashion of us to have a fair fight, hope the terrorist return the favor. If Kim Jong Il is as big a Twitter fan as is of Hennessy, then we may be in trouble.

So what’s to keep our enemies from weaponizing this technology after their spies steal it from DAPRA? Well for starters we can’t get it to work. The most recent launch which happen this week, failed after nine minutes and crashed into the ocean. The first launch in April 2010 followed a very similar failure. After 9 minutes of flight and reaching speeds up to 22 times the speed of light, the craft detected an anomaly, aborted it’s mission and plunged into the ocean.

falcon-htv-payload-fairing“We know how to boost the aircraft to near space,” said Air Force Major Chris Schulz of Darpa. “We know how to insert the aircraft into atmospheric hypersonic flight. We do not yet know how to achieve the desired control during the aerodynamic phase of flight. It’s vexing; I’m confident there is a solution. We have to find it.

“Darpa has assembled a team of experts that will analyze the flight data collected during today’s test flight, expanding our technical understanding of this incredibly harsh flight regime. As today’s flight indicates, high-Mach flight in the atmosphere is virtually uncharted territory.”

Maybe we should give the technology to the Chinese, I’m sure they can figure it out. Ludicrous Speed!

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  2. The government shadow organizations like NASA are just a front for the true space program.

  3. Black Manta. NASA yes is a smokescreen. Darpa no! They are a legitimate non government organization created for the advancement of defensive technology. Are you suggesting the funds gathered by them are funneled into other projects?

  4. Let’s get one thing straight. The HTV-2 is last week’s scraps, 90’s tech at best with a few tweaks. They knew it wouldn’t pan out from the get-go, and even if it did, it’s obsolete. For obvious security reasons they’re making out like this is all newfangled tech when its old news in sooth; akin to pumping out VHS and telling us it’s all cutting edge while quietly working on Blueray technology. Anyway, the bleeding obvious aside; I’m guessing by “speeds [of] up to 22 times the speed of light” you mean the speed of ‘sound’ instead? Lets not get too ahead of ourselves here, after all we’re talking hypersonic not extrasolar. At least leave us some suspense for the future unveiling of black projects such as the TR3 and the like.. Oh and for those playing at home, agencies like DARPA and NASA are red herring orgs designed to throw the public’s scent off of the true undertakings of their respective parent agencies. In a way they’re just decoy advert companies hired as smokescreens to sell you your own ignorance so that, in return, their parent agencies may be left alone to goof around in the backyard, unaccountable and unbeknownst to us.. True story!

  5. Always looks impressive in the blueprints. Then 100 million later and NASA has a new useless scrap of metal.

  6. Just saw that Russia revealed there new stealth fighter. Were did they get that technology?

  7. Wow. Let’s send them the blueprints too.