Apollo 18 flight director conspiracy

Meet the Former Apollo flight director Gerry Griffin who served as technical adviser for the Apollo 18 Film.

Ed-Harris-Apollo-13The Apollo 18 conspiracy plot thickens with the discovery that the technical adviser on the film was in reality, involved with the Apollo 18 mission. Not just involved, he was the Flight Director which is the big cheese during NASA missions. It’s the same position Ed Harris portrayed in the blockbuster hit Apollo 13, which Gerry was also a technical director on. If this movie is half as good as Apollo 13 then we’re in for a treat. Granted it has no Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton or Gary Sinese but it does have aliens, viruses, conspiracies etc. A recipe for a successful Hollywood hit nowadays.

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As much as we would like to think Gerry would share some of the insider secrets from the real Apollo 18 mission, he dissapoints us with the same old underwhelming NASA statement. SPOILER ALERT!!! – The mission was scrubbed and never happened – No Aliens, No cover-up, No conspiracy.

OK so there was no mission, but besides the all the sinister conspiracy stuff, how accurate did he find the film?

Griffin: “Pretty good! I haven’t seen the final cut yet but they were pretty darn good. There aren’t as many computer graphics — there are some special effects — but it’s not an “Apollo 13″ or “Deep Impact” or even “Contact” level of computer generated graphics. But it is good.

“The main set, when we’re on the moon, was filmed in an old paper recycling factory and the thing was huge. They hauled in I don’t know how many truck loads, hundreds, of dirt and rock and they brought in soil and rocks, some of it they made.

“When you see the final cut I think you are going to be surprised at how well they did in one great big building. Some of the distance views that you get of the moon are actually done with a backdrop. It is not a blue screen or green screen, it is actually kind of like a mural. It has a great effect on some of those long shots.”

Underwhelming stuff as we are nowadays numb to special effects. People still get impressed by movies looking realistic? What doesn’t add up about NASA’s scrubbed missions is why do they skip the whole mission and not just reschedule? Apollo 18 never launched due to weather or something minor so they just skip it and move on to Apollo 19. 19 was then canceled so they skipped it and moved onto Apollo 20 (which was also claimed to be canceled and so on).

NASA Plate

Why not just hold on to that mission number until you launch something? Maybe it’s to help them sell more commemorative t shirts and coins and other NASA goodies. After all you need some memorablia for these famous failed missions, right? Someday you’ll be going through your commemertive Apollo Mission plate set. You’ll see your Apollo 19 plate and think “I’ll never forget where I was the day they didn’t launch”.

Maybe this is the true NASA cover-up: Scrubbing missions to sell NASA swag like space blankets to people not going to space? The perfect crime.

For the true coverup of the Apollo non-missions check out this article by Ryder “The Truth Behind Apollo 18″.

Source: Space.com Image: Weinstein Co./Mike Black/collectSPACE.com