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Is a 290 year old footprint evidence of time travel?

Paleontologist Jerry MacDonald found a wide variety of fossilized tracks in 1987 including 290 million years old evolved human footprints.

The ancient tracks were made by a variety of animals and birds, located in a Permian strata. Among the various fossilized tracks MacDonald discovered undeniable prints of a naked human foot impossibly located in the Permian strata. The Permian strata dates from 290 to 248 million years ago—many millions of years before animals, birds, dinosaurs, and man existed. In July 1992, the Smithsonian Magazine ran an article on MacDonald’s tracks, “Petrified Footprints: A Puzzling Parade of Permian Beasts.” Smithsonian admitted the mystery and acknowledged “what paleontologists like to call, ‘problematica.'” It described what appeared to be human footprints. Humans “evolved long after the Permian period, yet these tracks are clearly Permian.”

Does time travel really exist?
The probability of time travel existing is unknown; the possibilities are endless. As has been pointed out, if time travel is ever accomplished then it exists throughout time. We are a young race orbiting a third generation star on the outskirts of our galaxy. To declare that time travel is impossible—or that almost anything is impossible—would be shutting the doors on reason and imagination. It would also be the height of arrogance. In a sense we are all already time travelers, like flotsam drifting with the current of a river. When we learn how to swim upstream and downstream then we will have the answer to the question. And perhaps someday it will be our children’s children that steps into the past of 260 million years ago and leaves a fossilized record of their adventure for all to see.

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