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Is Planet Earth Getting Bigger?

A new conspiracy shows theoretical proof that our world has been growing in size.

planet earth is growing

Everything that is alive grows. Humans, Insects and every species from the animal kingdom start out as an egg and grow into full size. All forms of vegetation, plants, flowers, trees all start out as small seeds and grow until full size. Even rocks, which at their core are just collections of minerals, continue to grow throughout their life cycle. The earth which is made up of all these things is a living, evolving being so it must be growing too according to Neal Adams. We at Alien X Files really like and support this theory. His video and animation really offer solid visuals to back his theory. Unlike the Pangaea Theory, Adams doesn’t believe the continents were separated by tectonic plate movement.

Pangaea Theory:

The Pangaea theory believes the world used to be one super-continent called a Pangaea. The word ‘Pangaea’ means ‘all lands’ in Greek, accurately defining the way the continents were 200 millions years ago before they broke apart. Before they separated, they were one large land mass and the rest of the surface was a giant ocean. The separation of the land is due to a shift of the tectonic plates in the mantle underneath the Earth’s crust. The mantle gets heated and convection currents in the magma keeps drag the plates which causes them to shift.

Adams Theory:

Like the Pangaea theory, Adams believes the continents used to be one large connected land mass but did not have any oceans on the surface. Under his theory the world use to be a complete land mass surface and as the earth expanded the water began to fill in the cracks from the separating land masses. Imagine a balloon covered in hard frosting; as you inflated the balloon, the frosting would crack and separate into large chunks. This is what happened to the continents and explains why they fit so well together.

If we truly believe the earth is a living being then this theory makes sense. In fact, to think it doesn’t grow is as close minded as thinking it’s not round. Everything that is alive grows with age and has a life cycle: Birth – Life – Death. Let’s just hope it has a LONG and happy life.

Check out his theory video


  1. suresh bansal

    I have observed that biology has played a major role to form the
    earth.infect earth itself is a single living organism like a tree.please
    observe the following explanation for this hypothesis. this hypothesis is
    like a Gaia hypothesis supported by some more evidences.
    1. Amino acid and Biological chemistry in chondrite meteorite.
    we have found amino acid and biological chemistry inside the
    chondrite meteorite. as i consider them seeds of planets. one planet is a
    result of one asteroid as one tree is a result of one seed. these amino
    acid and biological chemistry is a main property of any seed.
    2. bark as continent; if you will observe the continents can be fit in
    small globe like a puzzle game same bark can be fit in small gorth of same
    log of tree. — Bark &
    Continents TREE BARKS bark Earth & Tree Safeda

    3. core and crust; same as in log of tree. Core Crust
    4. plate tectonic; yes i agreed with PT but at the end biological process
    beneath the earth surface is responsible for the motion of plates. same PT
    is happening in the log of tree. Plate Tectonic 4. PLATE TECTONIC LINK
    5. subduction zone;same in log of tree. Subduction Zone

    6. HYDROCARBON a scientific ; this is a scientific evidence of my
    hypothesis.that earth itself is a single living organism and producing
    hydrocarbons like any all living organism. I believe crude oil has both
    deep and organic origin . fossil oil theory is not correct. we have
    observed hydrocarbons at almost whole universe including Titan. there is no
    solid reason that hydrocarbons at earth has been from fossils of past life
    and at rest universe with different method where no life has been observe
    More over i have solved the mystery that why sediments are signatures of
    presence of oil while has no involvement to produce it. this is the main
    logic of fossil oil theory. infect i have solved this mystery of
    petroleum. my theory is between the current biogenic and abiogenic
    theories. I believe oil has both deep and organic origin like a bark oil.
    Making Oil From Birch Bark
    7. presence of same minerals like iron,nickel,moly,crome,V,MN,ZN,,,,,,,,,
    etc at earth are also present in all living organism.this is very much
    common factor in all living organism inculding hydrocarbons.
    I have lot of these type of evidence and putting all together we can
    conclude it that earth itself is a living thing that has been grown from
    small asteroid.

  2. David, UK

    I’m going to support the notion that the Earth is gaining mass, but first I offer a couple of arguments.

    “A new conspiracy shows theoretical proof…”
    The popular definition of “conspiracy” is an agreement between two or more persons to engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act (I know cos I just Googled it!). There is no conspiracy here.

    “The Earth which is made up of all these things is a living, evolving being…” Evolving in the sense it is changing – certainly yes, but the Earth in itself is not “living” in any real sense. Maybe in a poetic or quasi-religious sense (which is fine if it gives one comfort) but not really. Just like weather systems move and behave in an orderly way (evaporation, precipitation, warmth, cold, wind, snow) – it’s not actually “alive”. The molten core is full of power and energy and movement – but again, unless you’re talking poetically or religiously, it’s not alive. Life by definition has to be capable of reproduction. Sure, lots of things that live *on* the earth reproduce, but not the Earth itself. I don’t see any baby Earths anywhere, do you? 😉

    “If we truly believe the earth is a living being then this theory makes sense.” Sure, if you believe anything, then anything makes sense. 🙂

    OK, so here’s an idea that does actually support the idea that the Earth (like all planets in our solar system) is actually growing: The Earth gains energy constantly from the Sun. The Sun is constantly losing mass as it throws out the energy from nuclear reactions (remember, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but is constantly changed from one form to another, and that includes mass). It’s quite feasible that just as the Sun loses mass, the planets that receive its energy *gain* mass. Every organism that uses the Sun’s energy to grow and produce nutrients is gaining mass as a result. Sure, most of the mass of an organism just comes from minerals in the ground or sea, with the Sun’s energy used to drive the process, and most of the remaining energy being reflected back out to space. But it’s possible that just a little of the Sun’s energy goes to produce additional mass as well (so there is a net gain). Over billions of years this could amount to a significant increase in the Earth’s mass. That’s the hypothesis anyway! 🙂

  3. I do agree that earth is alive, as well as moon, sun, planets, galaxy. I do agree they do had life cycle. Cosmic dust is perhaps they food.
    But the earth is growing, need some further proof, measure the length of equator, etc.

  4. Harold Danes

    So are we going to pop if earth keeps expanding? Where’s all the water coming from?

  5. Good theory – makes sense to me.