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James Randi exposes fraud Uri Gellar

James Randi, a magician, has been debunking paranormal and supernatural claims for most of his life.

the amazing randi

As pioneers in the world of paranormal exploration, the Alien X Files team applauds Mr. Randi or exposing these frauds. We

search daily to uncover the mysteries of life only to have these charlatans pretend to show us something amazing. Metaphysics is one of the largest paranormal fields to be infested with these new age mystics phonies. They are the carnival fortune tellers of our generation and it’s good to see them being exposed.
Mr. Randi has even put a million dollar prize on the line for someone who can prove to have supernatural abilities. To this day the prize remains unclaimed. He has debunked James Hydrick, Uri Gellar, Cold Reading, fake telekinesis, astrology reading and more. With so many mysteries for us to sift through, it’s hard enough to determine what is real and what is a fake. It’s easy to see why his stage name was “The Amazing Randi” We in the paranormal community owe Mr. Randi a huge thanks and can only hope some new magician picks up where he left off.

So what do you think of James Randi? Is he a friend to the paranormal community? Do you think Uri Gellar is for real?


  1. The Amazing Randi. WHo was the asian guy that he exposed on tv?

  2. James Randi is amazing, thats why he’s the amazing Randi. I saw a new guy in vegas who was claiming to be a spoon bender, but he is on stage about 100 feet away. not much awe factor in that.

  3. Uri Gellar is the man. The amazing randy is a hack. Can you post more occult?

  4. Dustin Nell

    I’ve seen Uri Gellar do amazing stuff before. He is fo real, no question. I’ve been trying spoonbending for years and only been able to do it in a group session.

  5. I love James Randi! I saw the one where he embarrassed James Hydrick, you should post that one. It’s uncomfortable to watch.
    Uri Gellar is a phony!