JFK assassinated by CIA over UFO documents

A new theory claims JFK was assassinated by the CIA because he requested secret documents about UFOs.

JFK documents point to CIA UFO coverupWow, there’s the type of sentence a conspiracy theorist dreams of. It has everything: JFK’s assassination, CIA conspiracy, UFO cover-up –  A perfect story for the Alien X Files vault.
As if the the JFK assassination plot  need another conspiracy theory, we get this one with real government documents to back it (or so the new theorist claims). Let’s meet the latest researcher to throw his foil hat in to the JFK conspiracy ring. Introducing William Lester, a paranormal researcher and author of the new book “A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier” (Wasteland Press, 2010). Take notes kids, if you want to write and sell a book, just pick a conspiracy and tweak it. For example I heard that John Wilkes Boothe shot Lincoln because he was a gigaphobic (fear of tall people). Sounds believable right? You can have that one for free now go write a best seller!
Back to Mr. Lester who claims JFK sent a document to the CIA requesting all gathered info relating to UFO’s and unknowns. 10 days after the request was made by the president, he was assassinated. Was it an attempt to silence the inquiry?

The backbone to Lester’s entire theory is in the government documents which some claim are not authentic. Lester stand’s behind them claiming to have obtained them from A former CIA agent:

This document, called the “burned memo,” was passed to the fringe media in 1999 by an anonymous source claiming to be a former CIA operative. The alleged leaker said he worked for the CIA between 1960 and 1974 and pulled the memo — which experts have never verified as authentic — from a fire when the agency was burning some of its most sensitive files.
In the “burned memo,” the CIA director at the time (his name is blacked out) allegedly wrote: “Lancer [the CIA’s codename for JFK] has made some inquiries regarding our activities, which we cannot allow. Please submit your views no later than October. Your action to this matter is critical to the continuance of the group.”

UFOs look like american planes to Russia
Image: Matt Darby

Source: Natalie Wolchover Courtesy of

Why would we think this letter didn’t exist. Wouldn’t the first thing you did when you became president was say “alright boys, let’s see these damn aliens you been keeping.”.  If

being president doesn’t get you answer to the deepest conspiracies in history then whats the point? Can’t be to live in that big, white house and get death threats all the time. So was this for JFK’s curiosity or was he on the clock and doing his job? According to Lester, Kennedy had three legitimate reasons:

Cold War:
First was the whole cold war thing with our comrades in Russia. Kennedy was afraid that UFO’s spotted over the Kremlin might get mistaken for US aircraft. Worst case then would be Russia decides the US is attacking and launches nukes on the states.

Space Travel:
Everyone remembers Kennedy’s famous space speech about going to the moon. Our goal was to beat the russians who were already superior when it came to rockets. His thinking was that it would suck to watch the Russians land on the moon while were stuck on earth with some alien magnet, thermonuclear powered engine sitting in area 51’s basement.

Alien Agenda:
lastly was the huge spike in UFO sightings at the time of these events. He wanted all the data he could get to find out why people were seeing strange objects flying around during a passive aggressive war.

JFK Bucket List UFOs Cuba Marilyn Monroe

Pretty legitimate reasons for wanting some files. To bad his efforts to protect his land and people might have cost him his life. Then again maybe it was just another item on his bucket list. I imagine it went something like this:


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  2. Thank God! Someone with brians speaks! Get it it’s a joke.

  3. Reagan came close. To getting assassinated that is.

  4. Tommy Banditz

    Not one true president since, and not one assassination since. They are crooked like lawyers

    • JFK new something was up. If only he would have succeeded.

      • Call me crazy but little pieces of all conspiracy theories make sense. Since the start of man kind the struggle for power has always been the main issue. Blinded are those who follow the beliefs of a vengeful creator, do this or be punished, don’t do that or else…Doesn’t FEEL right to me. The high priests and even governments keep the most important data classified to maintain control over the general public. When one person comes to realize what is truly happening, they try to break away from the matter and may even try to inform others just to be silenced by the government.
        I was watching video clips on youtube of ufo sightings. Three clips were taken off between the time of that night, and the next day when I went to show a friend. Now, few years later, I found those same clips back on youtube with no explanation as to why it was taken down. I contacted the people who posted these video clips and they didn’t even know what had happened. What really did happen???

    • Call me wind beacsue I am absolutely blown away.

  5. Not hard to see the real conspiracy here. JFK and Castro were fighting over Marilyn Monroe. Castro then hired aliens to assassinate JFK, duh..

  6. Hubba Hubba, JFK would be on my list. He was definitely killed by the CIA.

  7. That’s so funny. I’m a woman and Marilyn Monroe would’ve been on my bucket list!

    Why else would they kill him? That’s what our government does when you ask to many questions. God forbid a president have the peoples best interest in mind.