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NASA releases latest Moon surface images showing space trash

NASAs latest NASA orbiter satelitte images show the Apollo 12, 14 and 17 landing sites and the trash left behind.

Moon Landing ImagesMan, Can we litter or can we litter. If the fine for flicking a cigarette butt in a NYC gutter is $500 what’s the damage for leaving a lunar rover on the moon? The parking tickets alone would bury you! Fortunately for NASA only one camera in the world can spot their left behind garbage and they own it. In an impressive showing of satellite imagery, NASA released the latest images from the NASA orbiter which has recently been orbiting the moon.

“At the Apollo landing site we can see where the lunar rover parked on the surface,” he said. “We can see where it drove around the lunar module, you can see the areas where the astronauts kicked up the dust when they walked around.”

The images are stunning but show us little more than a few tracks and space junk. We’ll be truly impressed when they can do it with an IPhone from the surface of the earth, which we’re sure Steve Jobs is working on a app for.

Netflix-moonIf aliens do exist we can assume they don’t have OCD and are not neat freaks since they won’t clean up our mess. Or maybe they just don’t want to touch our equipment because of how diseased we are. What would you think of humans if you saw our movies? Contagion, The Happening, Virus, War of the Worlds, Outbreak… the infected list goes on. If Dominos can deliver a pizza in space, i’m sure aliens can get Netflix on the moon.

Image and Source: LA Times


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  2. Absolute disgrace by our our race. OK that rhymed but it’s not funny.

  3. It is ridiculous. We also have a ton of space crap orbiting our earth, dead satellites, rocket boosters, jimmy hoffa, you name it.