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UFO student witnesses small white ball flying in sky

 I stared at because I noticed and a large luminous light that circled it completely


PLANE AND ONE WHITE ORB I was with a friend on the passenger side heading toward a fair. I have been studying UFO’s for 6 years now and always watching when I’m out. So I am very knowledgeable about UFO’s, USO’s.I am also a photographer/artist where I look at detail. We were going about 60 on a spur to 295. It was a cloudy day. I see all sizes of planes daily. I know my planes. With the radio on, talking and windows up, I couldn’t hear nothing unusual. The airport is just behind it about half mile from where I saw it. It just left where the direction it was facing. Looking out in front of the windshield I looked at a charter plane facing us. I looked to my surprise a perfect white round ball was next to it. The scale of it was about the size of a car tire. I stared at because I noticed and a large luminous light that circled it completely. There was no color because it was during the day. We were driving so I didn’t see it very long. I didn’t get any kind of feelings when I saw it. It didn’t surprise me. It was a little cool that morning too. NOTE:  The above image is a rendering.

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  1. You state that, ‘There was no color because it was during the day’, and, ‘The above image is a rendering’ but the ‘above image’ shows a night sky. So… was it during the day or night?

  2. Jennifer Anderson

    So, I’m not the only one that has seen these? Two different days in september this year I saw them while hanging outside at a friends house. No one else could see them because they all have bad eyes and it was too small, they thought I was nuts. The second time I saw them (different day) there was 3 in the sky within maybe a 15 minute time period. Incidentally, I am also in Maine. Did this search to see what it could be and the first thing that pops up is your story from portland. Is this happening elsewhere or is it pretty centralized here?

  3. i came on to see if there were any other reports of this. i was just outside my backyard and i was just looking up at the sky for a few second and then i saw this round thing. i recall remember seeing it and the colour was black but i believe that it turned white as i continued looking but didnt even realize that it may have changed colours. i was too in shock i dont remember exactly. but it was moving across the sky, not at a very fast rate. it seemed to have been metal because it was sunny outside and the sun even reflected off of it. it was also about the size of a car tire because there was a bird flying near by and it was about the size of it but just a little bigger. It looked like a ufo to me. i didnt have very much believe in it but i know what i just saw. really strange