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UFO’s spotted near Air Force Base Missile Silos

5 glowing orbs witnessed over FE Warren Air Force Base


missile-silos-ufos I observed five round brightly colored objects moving SW to me quietly at great speed. On August 5, 2011, at about 18:10 to 18:15 MDT, I was facing east (nearly 90 degrees true). I just happened to be looking for the Moon which I observed south (nearly 180 true), when I observed two objects approximately 3 degrees east of the Moon and the same south.They were moving at about a course of (nearly 15 true). The first seemed to be moving ahead a little faster and opening the distance between them that I adjudged to be several degrees at first. They appeared to have some color in the setting sun. I watched them as they continued to separate a little and then slowly veer to the east to a heading between 15 true and maybe 45 true. As they now moved away from me they appeared closer together, that is less separation.Shortly another object appeared from the same location, so I went to get binoculars. With the binoculars I could not resolve anything but a ball-like object. That is no wings. The third object had bright red markings and some black. The fourth object appeared out of the same location and followed the same path except these seemed not to veer off to the east as much. The forth object was a brilliant green, and could only be resolved to be round. The fifth object seemed to be as the first three; bright red with some markings. Since I had only a 45 degree field of view, blocked by a tree, my estimates of speed and altitudes are just that, estimates. Speed I adjudge to be greater that Mach 1. I first thought greater than 500 nm. Altitude I adjudge to have been greater than 50,000 ft. There was no sonic boom. There was no sound of propulsion system.

KEN’S NOTE: F.E Warren Air Force Base is part of the Space Command.  There have been many UFO sightings and strange occurances in this area.  The Air Force Security Forces guard a three state area because of the missle silos located in this large area.

 Special thanks to UFO Casebook and UFOSNW.


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