A diamond filled planet was found orbiting a small star 4,000 light years away.

Galactus-the-GangstaLocated in the center of  the Milky Way lies the richest planet known to man. A planet worthy to don the ear of Galactus – destroyer of worlds during his awkward, hip-hop teenage phase. The new planet which consists largely of carbon, is so dense, scientists believe the carbon must be crystalline. Which means it’s basically a diamond the size of Jupiter. The bling planet orbits a small sun called pulsar J1719-1438 which is a small, dying neutron star. The sun is so small (only 12.4 miles around) that the diamond planet orbits it once every 2 hours.

Our-planets“The evolutionary history and amazing density of the planet all suggest it is comprised of carbon — i.e. a massive diamond orbiting a neutron star every two hours in an orbit so tight it would fit inside our own Sun,” said Matthew Bailes of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.

Pizza The Hut SpaceballsThough close by space standards, the diamond planet is well out of the reach of today’s technology. If we can learn anything by this discovery it’s that diamonds have no value to the extraterrestrial community. If they did they would have been mined by now and cashed in for space bucks. You never know when you might get in to deep with galactic loan sharks like Pizza the Hut.

Source: Reuters