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UFO dodges Missile Strike – Official NASA footage

A rare clip of official NASA footage showing a UFO in space dodging a missile strike from earth.


You wouldn’t believe how much activity there is right over our heads. Dozens of NASA video clips have been released each showing a plethora of unidentified flying objects. Orbs, saucers and cigar shaped objects can be seen hovering in our atmosphere, confiscating satellites and even docking into larger ships. Some will claim that these are simply satellites orbiting the earth or asteroids caught in our gravity. Clips like the ones below should turn an average skeptic into a firm believer. While it is a little grainy it is an original, undoctored, authentic piece of NASA footage. The government even admits to releasing this clip but claims it’s just rocks acting awkwardly. To most that have viewed this it looks like a UFO hovering calmly and then dramatically changing course and fleeing into space. Moments after, a missile shaped object cruises by exactly where the UFO was.  Maybe it was an asteroid and Ben Affleck was in the missile on his way up there to nuke it? Speaking of acting awkwardly…

Here’s the clip. Tell us what you think…


  1. WHen we wanted to shoot down one of it,it always dodge it it’s kinda frustrating.And i woner what is inside

  2. Thats pretty wild. We could never hit one though.

  3. No kidding. heat guided misssle systems would not work outside earths atmosphere. Space is cold remember.