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New Best Selling book reveals new evidence on UFO’s

A new best selling book claims to have new evidence of Area 51 based on testimonies from military and government officials.


For the second time this year, a journalist has published a best selling novel based on extraterestrial activity. This is quite an anomoly as the subject of the unexplained does not usually produce best sellers. Perhaps Oprah reccomended them?  The first was written by a journalist named Annie Jacobsen’s  (who appeared on the Daily Show) entitled book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base. The dominant claim of her book was that the infamous 1947 Roswell crash in Area 51 was really a spy plane sent by the Russian leader Joseph Stalin. The weird part is the book claims the ship was piloted by “alien-like children” created by Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. Mengele’s intention was to create an American panic about a possible alien invasion. Putting aside the fact that this theory has the Nazis and Russians working together, skeptics and believers alike did not support the book… Evidently after they bought it.

The latest book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record was written by a journalist named Leslie Kean’s. Her book has gained more mainstream popularity and is based more on fact and interviews. While Jacobsens book Area 51 is based more on the authors theory and a phantom witness, Keans novel is told through government officials and documented evidence:

Kean told Discovery News, is that “I’m trying to be very straightforward as a journalist, laying out what we know based on the official records. Also, many of the chapters were written by other people [including generals and former Arizona governor Fife Symington], and [former White House chief of staff] John Podestawrote the foreword….They’re not just taking my word for it, the reader gets to actually read what these authorities have to

 say in their own words.”


The book delves into more UFO cases then just the Area 51 mystery including the famous Belgian UFO photo. Shortly after the release of the book the Belgian mystery was solved thanks in part to the books research.

It’s a famous photo taken April 4, 1990, by a man known only as “Patrick” in the Belgian town of Petit-Rechain. Patrick and a female friend noticed a strange aircraft with four lights hovering in the sky above her home. He took a photo which has been called “one of the most convincing” pieces of evidence for the existence of UFOs.
The photo turned out to be a hoax and we can only hope more mysteries are debunked thanks to investigative journalist like Kean. Her book also claims to have new, secret government files documenting facts about Area 51. Let’s hope the big secret isn’t that  they were actually umpa loompas sent by Fidel Castro from his nuclear chocolate factory. Hmm…I smell another best seller!
Source: Fox News


  1. Jon Stewart is a joke.

  2. This photo was a pretty good one, i’ll admit it. Some of these debunkers through books are caused by the system. They write a book pretending to be believers debunking but are in fact part of the slight of hand. Don’t believe everything you read.

  3. I read the first one, It was ridiculous.

    • That first lady was a joke. I saw her on Comedy Central too and she was going off about hitler and mutant pig children driving flying saucers. What a clown she was, no facts, no witnesses. Just speculation